Jody  Boyman

Jody Boyman

Jody is an entrepreneur and life-long advocate for more sustainable food practices and habitat and species preservation. She has a background in whole-food, plant-based nutrition, marketing and sales. As Co-Founder & Chief Purpose Officer of Hungry Planet, she is bringing to market the first full range of chef-crafted plant-based meats with her brother Todd, Hungry Planet CEO. The challenges of eating plant-based since grade school, followed by raising two children plant-based, provided Jody with ample inspiration and motivation to develop delicious, nutritious meats that are readily accessible to all. She is also committed to helping build a humane economy that fuels new levels of sustained prosperity. Her focus is creating and promoting delectable plant meats to feed a hungry planet, while also feeding our deepest values. She has a masters degree in clinical psychology and has traveled the globe as a professional wildlife photographer.