Gary  Goldman

Gary Goldman

Gary is a humanitarian and entrepreneur who is a pioneer in personal, educational and spiritual development for over 40 years. He was Executive Director of the Center for Creative Consciousness which was featured in Newsweek magazine. Gary hosted the global radio show, A Voice for America's Youth and is in planning stage for future Kidz America TV Show. He is the Executive Producer and host for God Chronicles online show and BEING One on zoom whose mission is to challenge each individual to align with their true empowered self thus creating a renewed sense of purpose and service to others in making a difference in the world. Gary is acclaimed as a dynamic speaker and workshop presenter for a wide range of audiences, young and adult and is the co-author of Empowering Students to Transform Schools. Mr. Goldman was featured in the national and local media including The Learning Channel, WGN, ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN news. He has presented at major conferences including the U.S. Conference of Mayors and has published articles nationally and guest lectured at major universities.