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1/18/2023 technology-revolution-2023-crystal-ball-predictions-special-5

Technology Revolution: 2023 Crystal Ball Predictions Special #5

Technology Revolution: The Future of Now
The Buzz 1: “Anything you want to find you type it in.” “I lost a really nice silk scarf in about 1912.” “Yes, now Google it.” (What We Do In The Shadows, 2014 mockumentary fantasy horror film) The Buzz 2: “Machines don’t sleep. Listen Now

1/26/2022 tech-revolution-2022-crystal-ball-predictions-special-part-7

Tech Revolution 2022 Crystal Ball Predictions Special – Part 7

Technology Revolution: The Future of Now
Today’s “The Buzz” comes from vintage classic movies. * Buzz 1: “I guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it.” (Marty McFly, Back To The Future, 1985 sci-fi film) * Buzz 2: “What are we gonna do?”. Listen Now