Bill  Amatneek

Bill Amatneek

Bill created and maintains the White House Council on Boys & Men listserv. He has served with the Global Initiative for Boys & Men, a non-profit that provides essential research and data to improve the lives of boys and men. In 2001, he guest-edited "The Men’s Issue" of Storytelling Magazine, which incorporated eleven stories by men about the male experience. It became the best-selling issue in the magazine’s history. Enlarging on that issue, Bill just published Heart of a Man: Men’s Stories for Women, an anthology of men’s stories, poems and personal essays. His book, in revealing who men are, hopes to bring a deeper understanding of men, and so bring women and men closer during an era that often sees us far apart. Dr. Carole has read Bill’s book, and said this about it: “Heart of a Man takes us on a secret journey inside the heart, mind, and soul of men, revealing a gentleness and introspection that most women never get to see. These stories soften the edges of the war between the sexes.”