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12/22/2021 body-image-after-breast-cancer

Body Image After Breast Cancer

Breast Friends Cancer Support Network
How do we feel about our bodies after breast cancer? With so many changes in our breasts or loss of them, scarring, weight loss or gain, hair loss, etc. Listen Now

10/13/2021 metastatic-breast-cancer-awareness-day

Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Breast Friends Cancer Support Network
Join me as I welcome back Yvonne Nydigger to discuss all things Metastatic Breast Cancer. We will highlight the story of one of our Young Warriors, Pamela George, who was diagnosed metastatic at age 23. Listen Now

5/26/2021 nurturing-yourself-through-nature

Nurturing Yourself Through Nature

Breast Friends Cancer Support Network
Join Yvonne Nydigger, 11 year cancer survivor, lover of all things plants with a certified green thumb, as she teaches us how to create a healing space in your garden and ways to feed our bodies and our spirits through nature. Listen Now

4/14/2021 cancer-in-the-time-of-covid-19

Cancer in the time of COVID-19

Breast Friends Cancer Support Network
Dealing with a cancer diagnosis can be challenging enough. Add in a global pandemic and now what? We will discuss what has happened to cancer patients in this time of isolation and change. Tips and tools for moving forward will also be provided! Listen Now