Zondra  Evans

Zondra Evans

Zondra has 40 years of corporate experience and is the Founder, Talk Show Host and Executive Producer of Real Biz Talk with Zondra, on Roku, AmazonFire TV, BizVod and more. She has been a public speaker for many decades and is a captivating, compelling force on the platform, arming her audiences with current, creative, and practical ideas for increasing leadership skills, business development, and personal growth. Zondra is the Author of “The Power of Investing in You”, a Best Seller on Amazon and she lives out this in every aspect of her life. This is what lead her to develop her own channel called ZondraTV Network. The network was designed specifically for small business entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. The team at the network is passionate about providing an affordable platform for small businesses to scale and grow their business locally, nationally and globally. We realize that Small business owners have limited advertising budgets which limits their ability to DREAM BIG!