Laura  Carrillo

Laura Carrillo

Laura Beatriz Carrillo is the The Feng Shui Lady®. Laura’s mission in life is to create Sacred Space in the physical, metaphysical and digital world. Laura helps people make the space for their blessings and uses Feng Shui as a manifesting tool for magnetizing everything from love and babies, to health and wealth. Laura studied Journalism and Feng Shui and has written extensively about Feng Shui and Wellness. She is a Certified Feng Shui expert through The Western School of Feng Shui and a credentialed Red Ribbon Professional through The International Feng Shui Guild. Laura got her Bachelors in Science Degree in Journalism at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Her Feng Shui practice is called Narrative Space, the premise being that our environments serve as mirrors and what is reflected is our stories. Everything is Narrative Space... Feng Shui is a physical language that Laura uses to interpret and then curate her client’s environments to be in alignment with their highest good. She consults, speaks, teaches, and writes about Feng Shui, Space Planning and Wellness. She has been interviewed for Elle Decor, the LA Times and Voices of The Sacred Feminine to name a few. Her writing has been featured in the Examiner, Thrive Global, and The Western School of Feng Shui. Laura consults "virtually" anywhere using modern technology to work with and interact with her clients at a distance as well as locally in Los Angeles.