Dr. Katrina  Burrus, MCC

Dr. Katrina Burrus, MCC

Everyone knows a “brilliant jerk,” someone who would be fired if they weren’t so technically qualified, and therefore indispensable. They can be toxic, abrasive, and demoralizing. He or she might be a brilliant heart surgeon, yet none of the nurses want to work with them. Well today my guest is Dr. Katrina Burrus. A person I have known for close to 20 years. Katrina is one of the world’s leading experts on international leadership. She is a Master Certified Coach, and facilitates a mastermind for CEO’s of international companies. Katrina is the author of 3 books: Abrasive Leaders, Global Nomadic Leaders, and Managing Brilliant Jerks. A few of her clients include: Nestle, Novartis and United Nation Organizations (ILO, UNAIDS, etc.) She is especially skilled at helping managers and leaders succeed in a new assignment. www.ExcellentExecutiveCoaching.com