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7/28/2021 the-future-of-email-marketing-will-you-open-it

The Future of Email Marketing: Will You Open It?

Technology Revolution: The Future of Now
The Buzz 1: “A lot of folks believe that email is dead. With the increased use of chatbots, social media platforms, etc., the assumption is that email's place has been overtaken. However, this assertion, and the assumption it is based on, is wrong. Listen Now

6/8/2021 email-marketing-digital-dinosaur-or-business-backbone

eMail Marketing: Digital Dinosaur or Business Backbone?

Changing the Game with Digital Engagement, Presented by SAP
The Buzz: “’That thing out there…that is no dinosaur,' says Owen in the 2015 action/sci-fi film Jurassic World. Can the same be said about your email marketing strategy?” (mashable. Listen Now