Larry  Ward

Larry Ward

Larry Ward received his PhD in Religious Studies with an emphasis in Buddhism in 2015. His research focused on meditation and neuroscience. He was certified to teach Search Inside Yourself in 2015. His belief is that the world needs more high performing contemplatives and his mission is to support this effort, whether it is teaching in a Zen center, Christian monastery or Fortune 500 corporation. Larry is also an ordained Christian minister and he has celebrated more than 30 years of practice and teaching in this capacity. His teachings on Living Buddha, Living Christ are deep and nuanced from his study and practice of strengthening both of these root traditions. Larry lived and served in an ecumenical religious community that offered education and social development projects in over 50 countries. He considers himself a global citizen and is equally comfortable in the Vatican as well as in mud huts in India. His Dharma name is True Great Sound and his voice is a gift, whether it is sharing his poetry, singing or the spoken word.