Sheryl  Mays

Sheryl Mays

Sheryl Mays, Chief Experience Officer, Rise and Shine Consulting and Coaching Firm. She is a best-selling author, international speaker, on-air personality, and contributing writer for Entrepreneur Magazine and The New Zealand Dream Blog Series. Sheryl is known as the “Profit Accelerator”, a dynamic, results-driven sales, training, and business strategist. She has helped businesses increase their profits and lower their marketing efforts. Sheryl works with organizations and helps them increase their profits by Wowing their customers. She helps them create brand evangelists that refer, purchase, and come back! By increasing your retention by 5 percent, your profits increase by 20-95 percent. Sheryl also serves as the host of the Author’s Lounge and Power Up: Maximize Your Potential on Zondra TV Network (Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku) and DreamSpire Media podcast. You can find her online at: