MIchelle  Arentz

MIchelle Arentz

When people use the phrase "lifelong learner", Michelle’s picture should be included with it! She’s always wanting to find out more, learn new things, improve upon what she knows and does. Most of her career has been, in one way or another, about learning. She’s passionate about it, and brings that passion with her when she shares knowledge and development opportunities with others. With degrees in Communication Studies and Education, helping others advance and grow has been an integral part of Michelle’s life. Having woven a career tapestry over the past 20+ years between corporate learning & development and public education, for her, it's a calling, not just a career. With many years’ experience in content, course, and program design and delivery, making learning engaging and meaningful is her mission – and the reason behind her business name of Lazarus Learning; it’s about bringing learning to life. Sharing a love of facilitating and teaching, Michelle has reached a wide range of audiences, from high school students to manufacturing plant workers to corporate leaders, both domestically and abroad. As an independent consultant, she blends her experience and excitement for skill and knowledge acquisition in the service of clients who seek to improve employee engagement and the bottom line of their business.