Nancy C  Caralla CNE

Nancy C Caralla CNE

Nancy C. Caralla, Founding President, Executive Director of the C Diff Foundation is a three-time C. difficile infection (C. diff., CDAD, CDI, Clostridioides difficile) survivor. She has accumulated over 25 years as a Nurse blended with over 25 years as an International Construction professional specializing in cranes. Nancy, in partnership with the C Diff Foundation and Members, focuses on raising C. difficile infection awareness, C. difficile infection prevention, treatments, clinical trials, diagnostics, support, and environmental safety worldwide through education, and advocacy. The C Diff Foundation's goals are to support, educate, and advocate for patients, healthcare professionals, family members, and caregivers impacted by a CDI, and to witness a reduction in newly diagnosed C. diff. infections worldwide.