Ashley  Jameson

Ashley Jameson

Ashley spent years in a pattern of finding freedom from one addiction only to find herself in another. She couldn't figure out how to end the cycle. It wasn’t until her husband’s pornography addiction was exposed that she realized unprocessed trauma and a lack of biblical and practical wisdom in her own life was keeping her stuck. The excruciating pain and trauma of the betrayal gave her a drive to find answers and healing, not only for herself but for her family. Ashley shares her expertise and personal story of triumph and restoration. She has overcome betrayal and her own love and sex addiction. Ashley knows firsthand the power of walking with others through recovery. Ashley wants women who feel alone and stuck in their struggles to know they are not alone and there is hope. As the International Women’s Group Coordinator for Pure Desire, Ashley provides leadership and training to churches throughout the world. She has been instrumental in training new leaders to advance the message of hope and healing in the Church Community. Ashley’s transparency is refreshing; her love for Jesus is contagious. Ashley spent several years as a lead Certified Medical Assistant before working at Pure Desire. No matter the type of work she is doing, Ashley enjoys using her leadership skills and creativity to make it easier for people to find the help they need. Ashley and her husband, Jon, are working to raise their four children (including 17 year old twins).