Manisha  Gupta

Manisha Gupta

Manisha has led multimillion hands-on global responsibilities at Oracle, LinkedIn, and eBay. Scaled early-stage startups like CafePress, Fatbrain and has had a successful exit for a venture she started - AtOnePlace. She currently leads the HR Analytics Product Suite at Oracle, a market leading People Analytics offering, used by customers worldwide to grow their employees while growing profits. . Through her talks, she helps individuals unleash their full potential by developing self-awareness, finding their voice, communicating effectively, becoming a high performing team player and self-initiating their success. These talks delivered at UC Davis, Stanford, Oracle and several other forums has helped many professionals. Manisha holds an MBA from Wharton, an MS in Computer Science and several patents. A frequent public speaker, author, and mother, she loves traveling and enriching life with technology, psychology, and philanthropy. Find her online at: