Michael  LaVista

Michael LaVista

Michael LaVista is founder and CEO of Caxy Interactive, a Chicago-based software-development firm that works with fintech, insurtech, manufacturing, health care, HR tech, higher education, nonprofit, and startup companies to create outcome-based software. Over the past 20 years, Michael has acted as strategic adviser to dozens of CIOs, CTOs, and CEOs on the development, evolution, and repair of mission- and business-critical software, so he understands those roles as well as the problems and challenges they face. Mike's new book is Superpowered: 7 leadership strategies for technology executives who want to grow a more tech-driven, engaged, and profitable organization. Having work with technology executives for 20 years, and interviewing over 70 for the book, he found a common theme. They all had to find other, non-technical, superpowers to succeed. This book helps aspiring technology executives find their inner superpowers. In addition to running Caxy, Michael is also a musician who plays guitar in a local band. He resides in a northern suburb of Chicago with his wife, Angela, two children, Rocco and Blaise, and their dog, Oliver. Find him online at: www.caxy.com and his book at: makemesuperpowered.com