Michelle  Rogers

Michelle Rogers

Michelle L. Rogers followed a twisting path to the goal of self-publishing her book,Trans Right, about being a transgender female and political conservative. During her many years in science fiction fandom, she took advantage of its tradition of self-publication to write extensively for other fans. Among her writings was a history of fandom in the Southeastern United States. Later in life, she spent a brief time exploring a possible call to the ministry. This required her to write a number of articles on various aspects of serving as a priest. She eventually decided that her late start and daily commitments made it impossible to pursue theological education. During all this time, Michelle wondered if she could write a full book. Her next life change gave her that opportunity. She had always known she was different from other people but had never figured out how. As she entered her 60's, the awful truth emerged from the depths. She had been born in a male body and had lived in it for well over half a century, but she now realized she was truly female in spirit. She made the transition and has lived as a female since late 2018. Michelle's transition gave her the spark to start working on Trans Right, which will be published shortly. She hopes the book sheds light on a little-known segment of the LGBT community. Michelle spent twenty years working in the information technology field in the higher education sector before retiring at the end of 2019.