Lalaine  Moreira

Lalaine Moreira

Lalaine Moreira is an Ascension Guide. She leads clients through personal transformations by energy block clearings and subconscious reprogramming through powerful modalities-such as energy release to plant medicine therapy. She reframes perspectives from feeling overwhelmed and confused by life’s challenges to clarity and self-awareness. Lalaine is a multi-generational intuitive, energy healer, spiritual advisor, motivational accountability partner, heart-coherence teacher, and plant medicine educator. Lalaine has always been sensitive to energy. She could hear and feel an invisible presence. Through development, she discovered that those energies were indeed spirits-her guides. She believes that each of us have guides, beautiful beings always at our sides-directing, supporting and loving us. Lalaine’s fundamental principles are that we are part of the Divine and are designed to go forth beyond healing. We are here to evolve and transform as our own shamans, healers, gurus.