Erik  DaRosa

Erik DaRosa

Close friends Erik DaRosa and Marc Fernandes launched the From Survivor to Thriver podcast in January 2021 with the aim of shattering the stigma long associated with speaking out and speaking up about mental health issues. It is important for folks who are suffering to know that they are not alone in their struggles, that help is available and that there are brave spaces where they can both hear stories of others and share their own. Each week, Erik and Marc tackle different mental health topics through honest and relatable conversations with real people who are helping to normalize mental health discussions and find their own voices. Through the podcast and their ongoing work as mental health advocates, they continue to reshape both the message and the messenger within the mental health space. They both see From Survivor to Thriver as an inspirational and motivational movement within the mental health space with the podcast being the global voice for the movement. It is aimed at those who are finding their voices and a constant reminder that it’s perfectly okay not to be okay.