Corinna  Coram

Corinna Coram

Corinna Coram was born on Veterans Day, November 11, and she recounts the vivid memories, smiles, stern yet loving looks, and Marine Corps bearing her father had that would leave a lasting impression and fond memories in her soul to this day. She honors and reflects on memories of a sheltered, strict yet spoiled childhood growing up with her older brother on a military base we all cherish at Cherry Point. Corinna also remembers the life of military dependents and the amazing backbone of security her mother provided while her dad, multiple times, "left for duty" or deployed to fight for our Nation's Freedom during the Vietnam Era. She explains how wonderful it was to mature and know in hindsight "what normal was and that shell shock is not". That was then and this is now as Corinna shares about how she realized via a recent conversation with a dear friend who supported her through her lowest lows that she do something about it ... "I think my Father's PTSD gave me PTSD!"