Kenya  Loudd

Kenya Loudd

Kenya Loudd identifies as a legally blind Woman of African descent with a service-connected disability. As a joint doctoral student at Yale University in the departments of History of Science and Medicine and African American Studies, her research is centered around the nexus of race, disability, education, and institutionalization where she explores, on a large scale, the historical Black experience with disability. She hails from Fort Worth, Texas where she is the proud mother of four and partner to youth empowerment trainer and consultant Junichi Bomani. Outside of her research, which has earned her several awards and fellowships, she is the co-founder of the nonprofit, which strives to engage, educate and empower girls of African descent who desire to pursue careers in STEM fields to live life “like a girl” by building relationships, becoming global citizens and creating their futures through the benefits of self-awareness, culture, travel and global civic responsibility. Kenya is as a community organizer and student activist around race, disability, space and belonging through the equitable practices of diversity, inclusion, and accessibility.