Beth Mund

Beth Mund Beth Mund and Berit Stover combined intuitive gifts opened a portal to profound wisdom from Spirit around healing in mind-body-soul. They published their first collection of these highly charged energetic Sacred Letters in 'Living Beyond Fear: Sacred Letters from the Afterlife' (2019), sharing how to live more fully with peace, purpose and possibilities. Beth Mund is an intuitive healer, animal communicator and Master channeler. She has been communicating with the Other side since the age of 5 years old. The profound grief that Beth experienced after the passing of her child put her on an extraordinary spiritual journey that reopened her gifts for healing as well as the ability to transcribe full messages from Spirit through automatic writing. Beth's ability to ground the messages from Spirit has helped people overcome fears, past traumas, and barriers that separate them from their divine self, bringing forward extraordinary life changes. Beth has a B.S. in Psychology from George Washington University and an M.S. in Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. She is certified in Reiki, Wellness Coaching and works with clients in private Intuitive Healing sessions. Her writing has been featured in 'Elephant Journal', 'Grown and Flown', and many other magazines and books. Beth lives in New Jersey with her husband, three children, and two dogs. She is the co-author of Living Beyond Fear.