Pamela  Barinoff

Pamela Barinoff

Pamela is a Certified Nutritional Consultant and therapist who has been running her clinical practice for over 35 years. She also lectured regularly for government, corporations, colleges, health conferences, and private interest groups, along with publishing articles for health magazines. She has also traveled extensively throughout South East Asia and India studying alternative health systems such as Ayurvedic medicine. Her focus in the past 13 years has been the development of "healing products' ' with her husband, an electrical engineer of 45 years. Initially, they focused on creating the first non-electrical water ionizer, Cerra Water, to ensure that people drink high-quality water. Within the past eight years, they have designed and engineered the first health mat that combined five different and complementary healing therapies into one mat - Healthy Wave Mats. The Healthy Wave Mat is the first mat to incorporate PEMF with farinfard heat, negative ions, crystal therapy, and photon light therapy. This synergistic combination of treatments has been instrumental in helping people reduce pain and inflammation, improve their circulation, enhance cell regeneration, strengthen the immune system, promote deeper sleep and reduce tension and stress, etc.