Kristin (Kri)  Edholm

Kristin (Kri) Edholm

Decades of experience as a technology professional and many years of experience participating in hundreds of search and rescue training sessions and missions in Southern Nevada have shaped the leader and entrepreneur known as Kri Edholm. Over the course of her technology career, Kri was responsible for the oversight of multi-million dollar projects and operations for organizations like the Department of Defense, Zappos, Starbucks, 7-Eleven, and Fannie Mae. Realizing that her team was her most important asset, Kri worked to incorporate leadership and mentorship programs into each working environment. Having these crucial programs in place not only improved employee satisfaction but also subsequently benefited the business with outcomes such as decreased operational costs and increased profits, a clear win-win for any organization in search of long-term growth and stability. In 2016, Kri transitioned from working in a corporate environment to entrepreneurship and hasn’t looked back. Kri is the founder of Spark Women’s Retreat and owner of KRICO Productions, a creative agency that provides marketing, video production, and website design services for women-owned and LGBTQIA+ businesses. Kri sits on the board of the Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce of Nevada, lives in Las Vegas, and practices self-care by going on hikes and traveling as often as possible.