Peter and Jody  Saunders

Peter and Jody Saunders

Peter Saunders was born and raised in London, England. His wife, Jody, is from Seattle, WA. They were married in England but lived in the Seattle area before moving to the open spaces of Montana to raise their three children. Jody was diagnosed with Crohn's disease while pregnant with their third child. She has suffered with health issues for most of their marriage. Peter has tried to be the diligent husband, taking care of his wife and children when she was sick or in hospital. Theirs has been an interesting marriage. Definitely not the norm. They have had amazing and difficult life experiences, and have grown immensely through it all. Peter still loves football (soccer), loves the great outdoors, and his wife and family. He still has a lot of his English accent and a very dry, British sense of humor. He and Jody wrote a book about her illness and their interesting life, “...And Don't Forget to SMILE!” Find them online at: