Neil  Laughton

Neil Laughton

Neil Laughton is a former Royal Marine Commando, helicopter pilot and Special Forces Officer. He is an award-winning entrepreneur and the founding director of the OPL Group (which was sold to a FTSE100), the Penny Farthing Club and Floating Developments – a new concept in luxury floating homes. A life-long adventurer, Neil has organised and led more than 75 expeditions on 7 continents, by land, sea and air. He summited Mt Everest with Bear Grylls, was the first person to circumnavigate mainland Britain & Ireland on a jet-ski and he piloted the world’s first road legal flying car on a 10,000 km journey from London to Timbuktu including a traverse of the Sahara Desert. He holds Guinness World Records for a 24 hour Pram Push, the furthest distance in one hour riding a Penny Farthing bicycle no-handed and for hosting the world’s highest black tie dinner party at 23,000 ft on Mt Everest.