Jody  Whitesides

Jody Whitesides

There are coolly ironic artists, and there are passionate artists. Jody Whitesides is passionate. Where some pop stars might hide behind artifice or false humility, Whitesides digs in with both feet and sings to the back row. Some people were simply born for the stage, and Jody is one of those rare talents. “A Perfect Man” is an unabashedly intimate statement, and it’s a tight production. The track took shape over several years, with cowriter Claude J Woods Jr. Initially worked on over FaceTime in a couple of tiny home studios. Jody then took the acoustic structure and evoked a feel good clean electric guitar style by mixing sounds of the guitar with snaps. In all, “A Perfect Man” includes over 20 tracks of audio. It’s a rich, high-fidelity sound that calls to mind the luxurious, lush, minimal productions of today’s Top 40. After initial studies at Berklee in Boston, Jody flew west to achieve his ambitions, studying at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood. An LA showcase performance caught the ear of a talent scout, and soon thereafter, entertainment impresario Maurice Starr became interested as a consultant. Given Starr’s track record, his desire to work with Jody is not one to be taken lightly. Central to Jody’s potential is his tireless work ethic and fighter’s heart. As a former competitive athlete — in freestyle skiing, he was ranked among the top 20 in the US — he learned the tenacity and effort required to achieve his ambitions.