Cameron  Lundgren

Cameron Lundgren

Hi, my name is Cameron Lundgren. I've spent 20 years in software sales specifically payroll, most of that time as the top producer. Five years ago a friend convinced me to buy a dump truck to make money on the side. I used my phone sales experience to land a government highway repair contract. I told them I had 20 trucks ready to work when in fact I only had 1. I've lived by the expression fake it till you make it and recruited 20 trucks to start the job. Running a successful company in it's infancy and juggling my sales career the unthinkable happened (My book BEAUTIFUL recaps) and I lost everything, the woman I loved, my business & career, my kids disowned me, and found myself living in my mom's basement with $70 left to my name. Today, I have my kids back living with me and I've built my business back this year and closing in on a million in revenue soon. I love to travel and in the last year had the privilege of using my passport 4 times now. My 2 boys ages 15 and 19 are my world.