Bri  Capirsi

Bri Capirsi

Bri Capirsi is a highly intuitive writer, astrologer, and physical medium who grew up in the Pacific Northwest. For years she was a medical mystery among doctors until one day she realized that the energetic world was the reason her body was sick. She has studied Celtic shamanic practices, mediumship, spiritual theory, western intuitive astrology, and other light magic for the past 7 years. Her ability to process energy and integrate aspects of the mind, body, and soul experience has completely healed her illnesses, sparking a flame in her to assist other highly sensitives in healing their lives, too. She currently resides in upstate New York where she operates her online spiritual practice, She is most passionate about educating others about the power of healing and integrating the energetic body, so they can step into their divine gifts, too. Find her online at: