Crystal  Keath

Crystal Keath

Crystal specializes in helping high achievers connect to their flow so they can optimize the impact they are here to make in the world by amplifying productivity, enhancing decision making and accessing new levels of success through taking intuitive action. Crystal’s breathwork journey started in 2018 when she found breathwork through kundalini yoga. Crystal was a cocktail waitress in Vegas nightlife at the time and found herself coming back for more to “get high on her own supply”. Little did she know, when she found HypnoBreathwork® that she found the secret sauce to breathwork. She learned how to use the breath to work through her habits of self-sabotage and reprogram those patterns into self-awareness and use them as her superpower. With the teachings of HypnoBreathwork® Crystal helps her clients clear the blocks that are keeping them from accessing their focus and intuitive connection, then guiding them to access heightened creativity, clarity and unlimited potential. You can find more out about Crystal on IG @theklaritycoach or at her website