Melissa  Reaves

Melissa Reaves

Melissa Reaves is an executive storytelling mentor and founded Story Fruition in 2019. Prior to that, she had a robust 20-year career in corporate ad tech --- but loved the vibe of the Start-up Realm most of all. This is where she learned to deliver powerful vision stories so that early adopters would get jazzed to join in on the data technology that would revolutionize the digital advertising world--and rock the traditional media world. But by 2019, that fire dimmed. Melissa was burned out, divorced and aiding someone close through a health issue. Getting another job in that space seemed daunting and even lackluster. She wanted more. To bring something meaningful to the world. That's when she discovered storytelling. This changed her life. She was hooked on crafting personal stories and taking them to the stage with beautiful, listening audiences. "Then the idea to take my corporate experience and bring my stage skills to the boardroom!" Today, she gets up with a spring in her step to help executives shine in Town Halls, Pitch Meetings and the boardroom as they learn to be more vivid in their presentations by infusing stories--but not just stories---Melissa and Story Fruition lead them to creat "Mind Movies." As she says, "We want the listners to see it, hear it, smell it, taste it and especially FEEL what you are communicating." That lights her up every day. Find her online at: