Patricia  King

Patricia King

Patricia King has had a long, extraordinary career —and she continues to evolve with new projects and pursuits, even into her 80s. Pat spent 25 years as an international management consultant, working with Fortune-fifty companies like PepsiCo, Chase Bank, and Pfizer. Her five nonfiction books on business subjects include Never Work for a Jerk, which landed her on the Oprah Winfrey show. After “retiring” as a consultant she helped launch and manage a small , highly successful direct marketing company. During these entrepreneurial years, Pat was also working toward the launch of yet another career as a historical mystery writer—with the pen name, Annamaria Alfieri. Her early mysteries, all set in South America, have garnered critical acclaim. The Christian Science Monitor chose her Blood Tango as one of ten must-read thrillers. The Washington Post said of her debut novel, “As both history and mystery, City of Silver glitters.” Pat is also author of the Vera and Tolliver series of historical mysteries set in British East Africa. Described as Out of Africa meets Agatha Christie, Strange Gods, The Idol of Mombasa, and The Blasphemers are stories that capture the beauty and the complexities of imposing a culture on a foreign land. Her last novel have led to yet another chapter in Pat King’s real-life story: a transcontinental effort to save young Kenyan girls from forced marriages, female genital mutilation and other regressive practices and help transform their future.