J. Javelle  Credit

J. Javelle Credit

Mrs. J. Javelle Credit, a native of Port Arthur, TX, is a Marriage Ministry Facilitator (she designed programs for Couples Connection for: Couples, Wives and Husbands. Javelle is certified Facilitator via Dynamic Marriages and facilitates on His Need/Her Needs along with the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. She is also a Certified Belief Therapist. She is also a Strategist Planner of Self-care, Accountability Partner, Life Coach and Founder of Grace P.O.U.R., where she teaches how to strategically place a daily routine in your life covering all eight areas. Javelle is a strong leader, a dynamic organizer & facilitator whose heart desire is to help others excel in life (especially relationships of all kinds), hence her connection with A Motivating Love in the program F.I.R.E. where one will learn the fundamentals of friendship and why it's important to show up, encourage and empower others through friendship. In summary, Mrs. J. Javelle Credit is more than just a professional; she is a passionate advocate for healthy relationships and personal growth. Her extensive experience and dedication make her a valuable asset in her field. Her work continues to inspire and motivate individuals to strive for excellence in their personal lives and relationships.