Steven C.  Philpott, Sr.

Steven C. Philpott, Sr.

Steven C. Philpott, Sr., CTO and co-Founder of eVertiSKY Corp, and designer of the UAM City API, a platform for drones and air taxis in urban transportation. His work spans civic tech engineering, strategic business development, and cyber systems architecture, focusing on seamless tech integration into daily life. He is a member of working groups for NASA UTM, NASA Aeronautics Research Institute, and EUROCAE, Steve's expertise in Commercial Low Altitude Digital Airspace Structures and technologies like IoT and augmented telematics stem from work on the Array of Opportunity Chicago Public Sensing Pilot. Early on he held executive positions, developing the first platforms for online billing, digital clinical trials, digital entertainment, and community-based app competitions. He leads the push for Drone Assisted Services, Chicago UAM Working Groups, and FAA drone pilot training for Chicago Urban League. He is a veteran of the Marine Corps and author of Ella Reaches for the Sky.