Radio Episodes
9/19/2017 unlike-trump-jfk-didnt-bend-a-knee

Unlike Trump, JFK Didn't Bend a Knee

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Jeff Deist, Daniel McAdams and Jacob Hornberger return. Speeches by Eisenhower and Kennedy are aired followed by a revelation by Jacob of the lies and propaganda fed to us, the American people, in order to keep the military industrial complex in unhindered control. Listen Now

9/5/2017 michael-olivers-plate-tectonics-bode-well-for-gold-shares

Michael Oliver's Plate Tectonics Bode Well for Gold Shares

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Jeff Deist, Dr. Mark Thornton, John Rubino and Michael Oliver are this week’s guests. Deist questions Austrian school economist Thornton about the real reason for booms and busts and concludes that it’s impossible to know exactly when a boom will turn to a bust. Listen Now

8/9/2016 economic-hedonism-is-leading-america-to-enslavement

Economic Hedonism is leading America to Enslavement

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
The Rev. Larry Beane II, Jeff Deist and Michael Oliver are this week’s guests. Hedonism is defined as “the ethical theory that pleasure -in the sense of the satisfaction of desires- is the highest good and proper aim of human life.” Listen Now

4/5/2016 what-would-trump-economics-mean-for-america

What Would Trump Economics Mean for America?

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Mark Thornton, Jeff Deist and David Wolfin return. Nixon declared that 'we are all Keynesians now.' Indeed Keynesian economics has returned the world to the precipice of an economic dark age. Listen Now

2/23/2016 negative-interest-rates-and-a-cashless-economy-dictatorship-arrives

Negative Interest Rates and A Cashless Economy. Dictatorship Arrives!

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Jeff Deist, Michael Oliver & Ron Perry return. As Keynesian economic pathology digs the global economy deeper into a depression, out of desperation and denial, Keynesian religious zealots like Larry Summers and Paul Krugman champion negative interest rates laws making cash ownership a felony. Listen Now

12/22/2015 can-we-depend-on-fed-omniscience-into-2016

Can We Depend on Fed Omniscience into 2016?

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
David McAlvany and Jeff Deist return. The day following the first Fed rate rise in 9 years, Larry Fink, who heads up the multi-trillion dollar hedge fund Black Rock, praised Janet Yellen for her brilliant market manipulation. Listen Now