Dr. Alison

Dr. Alison "Doc Ali" Arnold

Dr. Alison "Doc Ali" Arnold, VH1's Celebrity Life Coach of Scott Baio & Charm School, author of Scream & Run Naked and 6° "Self E-Scream" Saturdays guest host! Doc Ali is internationally renowned as a fear liberator, helping individuals & organizations eliminate limiting beliefs and "scream" their greatness! Let go of your excuses, liberation is an inside job! "The Truth? You can't handle the truth." Maybe if I cover my eyes it will go away! Food. Drama. Alcohol. Internet. Work. Lies. Doc Ali helps us look at the ways we avoid seeing the "What Is-ness" in our lives and the fear of taking action! Why is "change" the six letter word that sends us flying into any distraction we can find in order to medicate before facing the music? How can we develop the fearlessness it takes to take action? Doc Ali and Michelle candidly look at their own "addictions to avoidance" and talk about how we can free ourselves. Be ready, call in and work on liberation together! Connect with Doc Ali 602.495.9300 | www.docaliarnold.com