Barbara Hand  Clow

Barbara Hand Clow

Barbara Hand Clow is a global shamanic teacher and her eleven books include The Mayan Code, The Mind Chronicles, The Pleiadian Agenda, Liquid Light of Sex and Catastrophobia. Barbara is well known for her work as an astrologer, especially for her groundbreaking study of Chiron. In light of the building galactic alignment, she has written The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind based on Carl Calleman's Mayan Calendar hypothesis and her own study of Earth's alignment with the Galactic Center in 1998, which intensified time during the Galactic Underworld-1999-2011. In Barbara’s words: “We feel great excitement in our bodies as our hearts open; we are being flooded by divine energy. Also, many of us feel over-energized, ungrounded, and disoriented by living during the last stages of time acceleration; such a convergence has never happened on Earth before.” For more information visit