Radio Episodes
4/19/2022 a-petroruble-now-competes-with-a-petrodollar

A PetroRuble Now Competes with a PetroDollar

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Ellen Brown and Quinton Hennigh are this week’s guests. By design Americans are kept in the dark about money. We are taught nothing in our classrooms about what it is or how it is created. Listen Now

1/26/2016 exit-the-banking-system-asap

Exit the Banking System ASAP!

Turning Hard Times into Good Times
Ellen Brown and Roy Sebag return as guests. As the debt and equity markets once again enter crash mode and as the world careens toward bankruptcy Listen Now

3/2/2011 so-start-your-own-bank

So start your own Bank

Waking Up in America
Join "Web of Debt" author Ellen H. Brown as she tells how Wisconsin and other states can solve their financial issues. Listen Now

10/27/2010 web-of-debt-and-pocket-vetoes

Web of Debt and Pocket Vetoes

Waking Up in America
Join Doctor Val, Debbie, CW, Kelby, Dr. Rutledge and Ken "The Puzzler" Cousens as they deliver their own areas of expertise and interface with Ellen H. Listen Now