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Marilyn Addison

Marilyn began her journey with essential oils over twenty-five years ago. At different forks in the road she used essential oils to energize, inspire, rejuvenate, calm, and heal her body, mind and spirit. In recent years, essential oils became an occupational necessity. As a successful leader in the banking industry, she realized that the work environment was one where most people have minimum control with conditions such as fluorescent lights, inadequate heating and air systems; stale air, employees who smoke or have colds and flu. These conditions had adverse affects on their body, mind, and spirit. She began to share her custom blends with friends and colleagues and their transformation was evident. She realized if she could bring harmony and balance to those in her immediate environment, she knew that there was a larger audience that she could reach. She studied aromatherapy at the American College of Health Sciences and became a Certified Aromatherapist.