Carolyn Dean

For over 28 years, Carolyn Dean, MD, ND has been a health pioneer who was one of the first to see the coming health epidemic in America. As a result of poor water quality, modern farming methods, processed foods and the use of environmental toxins, she saw the depletion of vital minerals and nutrients from our water supply, soils and foods as a root cause of America's health problems. With over 75% of Americans not getting their RDA of the vital nutrient "magnesium", a deficiency in this mineral has increased over the years and has contributed to many common health issues including heart disease, insomnia, diabetes and many others. She’s authored 22 books including "Future Health Now Encyclopedia", "The Complete Natural Guide to Women’s Health, "The Everything Alzheimer’s Book", "Homeopathic Remedies for Children’s Common Ailments", "Menopause Naturally", "365 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power: Tips, Exercise, Advice", "Hormone Balance", "The Yeast Connection and Women’s Health", "IBS for Dummies" and "The Magnesium Miracle". Radio, TV and magazines interview her regularly — including ABC, NBC and CBS. She's the medical director for the Nutritional Magnesium Association.