Joyce  Anderson

Joyce Anderson

Joyce Anderson, Radio Host for Conversations with YourSelf on 7th Wave Network knows everyone has talent & everyone has intuition, not everyone realizes how they work perfectly together. While owning and operating a business, raising children, and managing a family, Joyce was haunted by an unfulfilled part in her own life. Her explorations taught her that the void was not in what we didn’t have, but that we were not making use of what we do have, our extraordinary inner GPS known as intuition. Starting Conversations with YourSelf in 2001, she has worked with individuals, delivered keynotes and workshops to corporations, universities, non-profits, and spiritual centers on the importance of partnering intuition with talent to create new ideas for new solutions. She is a published author of articles on intuition and her first book: TELLAGA & CONRED, Rescuing your Talents from Constant Comparing.