Sydney  Justin

Sydney Justin

Born in New Orleans Louisiana, and raised in South Central Los Angeles, The former Los Angeles Ram and Indianapolis Colt known for his extreme precision in the Art of The Back Peddle, the 5'11" 195lbs athletic and charismatic cover corner nicknamed "Steele." Sydney Justin comes from a very talented and athletic family. Sports and music played a major role in his life as a young man. He participated in church choirs, high school talent shows, and the performing arts. In his senior year of high school he attended Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles for gifted young artists on a full scholarship, where he was taught by the world renowned Artist "Charles White". His favorite artists are: Picasso, Michael Angelo, Charles White, and Ernie Barnes. Nevertheless, football, art, music and his family are his passions. Coaching defensive backs is one of his most celebrated talents. Sydney Justin has coached many, athletes and is noted for his extreme precision in back peddle technique with great success and real results. He has been coaching defensive backs, wide receivers and special teams since his college football years. From high school athletes to professionals, Sydney Justin is well respected as one of today's best defensive back coaches. But his passion is music and, for a number of years has been the lead singer for the legendary vocal group "The Miracles" which was at one time "Smokey Robinson and the Miracles" the group that started Motown records. Sydney has become successor to Smokey and many say he has taken the sound and the songs to new heights. With his mesmerizing sexiness and excitement, The Miracles have made it back on the map after a long hiatus, since former lead singer Bill Griffin (Love Machine) left the group. The Miracles just celebrated their 40th Anniversary and with Sydney and The Sound of the Miracles they have also performed in major casino's in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Reno, Nevada and many other venues around the world, including a Christmas Tour with the United States of America Air force Band and Orchestra, throughout Europe. With the Air Force Orchestra Sydney and the Miracles also preformed a number of concerts at Constitution Hall in Washington D.C. for Vice President Al Gore and many other U.S. and worldly dignitaries.