Live From AICPA Engauge 2018

June 12, 2018

[Download MP3s: Broadcast Kickoff: CPA'S and Tax Advice Survey Technology's Role in Financial Planning Retirement Planning and Retirement Research Trends in the Accounting Industry and the Future of Professional Services Building a Successful Tax and Financial Planning Business Importance of the EDGE track and Next Generation CPA Leads Exploring a World of Possibilities and Inspiring others Accounting Industry trends: Best of the Best Research Takeaways Leading a Successful Wealth Management Enterprise Live Interview with David Mehlhorn, Director of sales at Redtail Technologies A Holistic Approach to wealth Management Marketing in the Financial Services Industry Live Interview with Mark Koziel from the AICPA Leading the Firm and the Industry into the Future Building a Successful Wealth Management Team The Radical Wealth Management Journey Content Marketing, Niche Strategies Takeaways from the Day at AICPA Engage Jody padar and Ed Kless LIVE Industry insights with Jody Padar and Susan Tillery from Paraklete Financial Inc.] [itunes] [Bookmark Episode]

Episode Description

Radical CPA Jody Padar goes Live with Celeste (Hernandez) Revelli, CFP® Director of Financial Planning at eMoney Advisor and Craig Johnson, CFP®, CLU Director of Strategic Partnerships for 1st Global. Tune in as they discuss eMoney Advisor and 1st Global's partnership and how technology is driving new paths for financial advisers.

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