Day 2 of IIeX North America: June 14th 2016

June 14, 2016

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Episode Description

President and Customer Centricity Catalyst C³Centricity is founded upon a passion for people and catalyzing organisations to change and grow through improved customer, consumer & client centricity. We work in all areas of customer understanding: - improving communications before significant resources are used - building better customer engagement by optimizing CRM & online presence - reinvent innovation through multiple levers including sensorial it's, emotions & customer understanding - manage and analyse Big-data through data warehousing and modeling, developing actionable, deeper Insights - develop competitive advantage by building trends into scenarios so your Organisations is better prepared for future opportunities & challenges.

Show Description

VoiceAmerica Live Events

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Tune in for VoiceAmerica Live Events as we broadcast engaging events from all over the world. VoiceAmerica brings you the best in Live talk radio with influencers from the best sectors of business, empowerement, health and wellness and a variety of other topics! Live and On-demand events from any Device!

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