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June 30, 2015: 3D Printing - Now and the Future

We first featured 3D printing technology on the show in 2012. How has it evolved and what has the industry learned about market needs? In this episode, I will speak with guests from Autodesk, Shapeways and Wohlers Associates about the progress and impact the sector has made in the last 3 years. We discuss new implications for other industries and re-examine the future of the 3D printing market. Panelists – James Page, Senior Product Manager of Spark at Autodesk Tim Caffrey, Senior Consultant at Wohlers Associates Michael Weinberg, IP and General Counsel at Shapeways


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Featured Guests

Tim Caffrey

Tim Caffrey is a senior consultant at Wohlers Associates. He is a principal author of the Wohlers Report, an annual worldwide study of the additive manufacturing and 3D printing industry. Caffrey’s career in additive manufacturing (AM) began in 1992 at Boeing’s Propulsion Laboratory. He directed the company’s first in-house AM facility, which provided AM parts throughout the corporation. In 1996, Caffrey managed the AM operation of Plynetics Express in Schaumburg, Illinois, which had, at the time, the largest installed base of AM systems in the world. Caffrey’s experience includes 24 years in professional writing and editing, maintenance procedures and operational tests at Boeing, en.....

Michael Weinberg

Michael Weinberg is IP and General Counsel at Shapeways. He is the author of “It Will Be Awesome If They Don’t Screw It Up: 3D Printing, Intellectual Property, and the Fight Over the Next Great Disruptive Technology” (2010), "What's the Deal with Copyright and 3D Printing?" (2013), and "3 Steps for Licensing Your 3D Printed Stuff" (2015), whitepapers that examine the intersection of 3D printing and intellectual property law. Michael regularly discusses 3D printing law and policy issues with the media and at public events. He is also the president of the board of the Open Source Hardware Association.

James Page

James Page is Senior Product Manager at Autodesk, a global leader in design and visualization software. In his current role, Page is focused on developing Spark, Autodesk’s open 3D printing platform. Previously, Page was the Co-Founder of Topolabs, which built software that improves quality from lowest cost 3D printing processes, enabling them to become viable for volume manufacturing. For 20 years, Page has overseen critical path engineering projects for Fortune 1000 companies including GoPro, Starbucks, and Sun Microsystems as well as renewable energy firms like Flow Design Wind Turbine and Big Belly Solar. Prior to starting Topolabs, he was Vice President of R&D at Cool Earth Solar, wh.....

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