March 6, 2012
Hosted by Kerry Douglas

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OK so you wanna talk...Gospel Artists, New Music, The New Deal, The Old Deals. Who’s hot, who’s not? THEN LET’S DO THIS! ...Join Kerry Douglas CEO of BLACK SMOKE MUSIC WORLDWIDE & Brandy “B” along with a slew of other Industry Experts to discuss TRENDING topics, events, new music, and The Business of Music Every TUESDAY afternoon for 1 Hour at 6pm Central Standard Time. #LETSGO Oh By the way, We Will CYA@theTOP Because it’s Too Dang CROWDED AT THE BOTTOM!

The Mr. Kerry Douglas and Brandy “B” Show

Archives Available on VoiceAmerica Variety Channel

Kerry Douglas has been the face of the faith based promotions initiative for nearly a quarter of a century and Kerry believes that the vision and journey should be shared with the consumer and the fans. The show will feature an exclusive and inside look into the life of a Christian artist, industry mogul, marketing guru and chart topping writer and how and why the faith based industry is changing. As Dean of The New Deal Entertainment University, Kerry has garnered the keys to success and is determined to use each platform to engage and inform the faith based community.

Joining Kerry on this journey is his longtime friend and VoiceAmerica Network Director Brandy Jackson (also known as “B” by those that know her well). Together they will provide an enlightening and entertaining show to the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.

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Kerry Douglas

“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.” - John C. Maxwell

Like King David, Kerry Fitzgerald Douglas, Sr., marketing mogul, is a man after God’s own heart! His passion for proclaiming the good news through Gospel music became his muse for pushing beyond his humble beginnings.

It’s been nearly 15 years since Kerry Douglas, CEO, President and Founder of Blacksmoke Music Worldwide, Inc. resigned from his good paying day job. He left it all to build a multi-million dollar business.

By faith, with no money in his pocket and taking a job that paid him less money in one month than he previously made in one day, he started Worldwide Gospel Music (WWG). Douglas quickly proved he had a knack and talent for promoting Gospel music. WWG and its musically diversified artist became household names in less than 2 years. The careers of Rev. E. Stewart and the Stewart Singers, Damascus, Darrell McFadden, Revive and a young quartet singer out of Brooklyn, New York named Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson were launched and WWG was ranked #10 in Gospel music sales by Billboard Magazine.

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Angela Barrow-Dunlap

Angela Barrow-Dunlap commonly known as “The Doctor”…the play doctor to be exact is a wife and mother as well as president of Dunlap Entertainment, based in Detroit, Michigan. Dunlap served as playwright and producer of My Brother Marvin, a dramatic story of Marvin Gaye’s life as seen through the eyes of his sister Zeola Gaye. She was also the creator of numerous hit theatrical productions including, Real Men Pray, I Won’t Be The Other Woman, Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boyz?, If These Hips Could Talk, Gossip, Lies & Secrets and My Sweet Potato Pie which starred Terri J. Vaughn from the Steve Harvey show, double platinum R&B recording artist Ginuwine and the legendary Sherman Hemsley star of the hit TV show The Jeffersons. Barrow-Dunlap’s most recent production, Church Girl toured nationally and will be released on DVD in January 2012. This cutting edge musical based on true events stars Demetria McKinney of Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, Actress Robin Givens, Sean Blakemore of General Hospital, R&B Songstress A’ngela Winbush and Gospel Recording Artist Karen Clark Sheard. View Guest page

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Karen Clark-Sheard

Karen Clark-Sheard (born Karen Valencia Clark on November 15, 1960) is an American gospel four-time Grammy Award winning singer, musician, and songwriter. The youngest daughter of pioneering gospel choral director Mattie Moss Clark, Sheard began her career as a member of the Grammy-Award winning, gospel legendary female group, The Clark Sisters.[2] She is the mother of contemporary gospel singer and actress Kierra "Kiki" Sheard. During the hiatus of the Clark Sisters, Sheard rose to fame after she recorded her critically acclaimed and much anticipated solo album Finally Karen, which spawned her hit, "Balm in Gilead" (a re-recording of a song she originally recorded as part of The Clark Sisters back in the 1980s for their Heart & Soul album) the R&Bflavored "Just For Me" and "Nothing Without You" - a contemporary duet with R&B diva Faith Evans. Finally Karen became one of the most successful gospel albums of 1998 earning Sheard a Grammy nomination and earning her a Soul Train Lady of Soul Award for "Best Female Vocalist".[3] After her debut album success and much touring, Sheard was hospitalized in 2001 after one of her blood vessels burst during a minor surgery, resulting in doctors giving her a 2% chance of survival. Her testimony inspired the title name for her long-awaited sophomore project, Second Chance released in 2002, featuring a "Secret Place" - which is now considered a classic amongst fans. Sheard recorded two more live albums, including The Heavens Are Telling and It's Not Over (which featured some studio recordings), before releasing All in One, Sheard's first all-studio-recorded album in 13 years. The album debuted at #3 on the U.S. Billboard Gospel Chart and #98 on Billboard's Top 200 albums chart, while its first single "Prayed Up" has so far peaked at #10 on the U.S. Billboard Gospel Songs chart. View Guest page

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At the age of eight, I remember coloring pictures of Noah’s Ark in Sunday School. Raised by the television screen, watching gangster movies and listening to music about hustling and thugging, some very bad seeds were planted into my life. I wanted to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous by any means necessary, which lead me to a life of crime. At the age of twenty-two, I found myself involved in organized crime, a lifestyle that would have appalled the Sunday School teachers from my childhood. Working in a circle of crooked professionals, making mind-blowing amounts of cash, I felt I had it all: money, women, cars, power and respect. But then it all began falling apart as my life entered a downward spiral. I had left my wife and kids and narrowly escaped a lengthy prison term. Even though I felt like a young king financially, I was depressed and empty. Then, one evening in October of 1995, I was invited to a church and that day my life was changed forever. I became a Christian that night, and I pledged allegiance to Jesus Christ. That evening at the altar, God delivered me from that lifestyle and saved me from the penitentiary. I immediately felt an urge to go back to the same streets I used to hustle in to let them know that God loves them, and that He has a better plan for them.I began doing outreaches in the community. We did car shows, basketball tournaments with big cash prizes, we had people jumping ramps on motorcycles like Evel Knievel. We also started a service called “Friday Nite Live”, which featured live rap and R&B performances, hip hop dancing, skits, a live DJ, strobe lights, and a 20-inch disco ball. You may say this is common, It wasn't in 1996! But one thing I learned from my past was that if the scriptures could not be communicated in a relevant manner, then the strobe-lights, DJ’s and low rider bikes would be for nothing. Because I was from the streets I combined preaching with street slang and inner-city analogies, making the for a relevant presentation of Scripture tailor-made for my audience.This ministry formula, which some have called revolutionary, lead to five successful years of Friday Nite Live, speaking and preaching engagements across the country, and media coverage. Our mindset was and still is we are willing to do almost anything that will draw a crowd of people so that at some point during the festivities we can minister the gospel to them. We have seen almost 45,000 people saved in our face to face ministry since we began. Then came a defining moment in our ministry. I asked God one evening while watching Christian TV, “Why are the Christian programs the cheesiest shows on TV?” And He said to me, “Well son, why don’t you do something about it?” So our team began creating a new genre of entertainment, which we have coined redemptive entertainment – music and movies that relay a message of hope and give solutions to today’s societal ills. Our films are distributed internationally and have began to produce television dramas and sitcoms. We also travel the country, conducting seminars, conferences and workshops on how entertainment can be used to initiate positive changes in society. Over the years, my ministry team and I have been committed to creating cutting edge tools for evangelism and discipleship and our mission continues to become more and more effective at harvesting the field of souls which is the family business for all believers. LINKS http://www.streetlifeworldwide.tv/levi.html View Guest page

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Rodney Sheron Sampson

Rodney Sheron Sampson is a globally established and respected spiritual, intellectual and economic leader. He functions as an Apostle, Prophet and Teacher in the body of Christ. Sampson was consecrated on June 27th, 2010 under mandate of The Old Holy Catholic Church in intercommunion with The International Bishops Conference (Collegium Episcopi). Archbishop LeRoy Bailey, Jr. and Archbishop Rainer Laufers were the chief consecrators. He is the founder and Prelate of Kingdom Manifestation, www.kingdommanifestation.org, a movement dedicated to manifesting the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven in every relevant sector of society, culture and life. Kingdom has instituted Action, EveryChild USA, #billiondollarchallenge and Kingonomics as its primary initiatives in coordination with its Spiritual, Educational, Economical, Cultural and Social Dioceses. From 2004-2006, Sampson was a trainer, coach and consultant with Dr. John Maxwell’s global leadership training organization, EQUIP. From 2006-2009, Sampson faithfully served as a General Overseer and Advisor in the 8th largest African American denomination (The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International) under the leadership of Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. Sampson speaks and presents to thousands each year. Simultaneously, Sampson is a vetted business innovator, strategist, corporate developer, marketer, author and global influencer. Futuring ideas and implementing successful organizational objectives is his primary core competency. He simultaneously reaches into the worlds of business, not for gain organizations and government. He regularly advises foreign nations, businesses and bishops that lead millions of constituents throughout the planet. Over the last 15 years, Sampson’s clients on three continents have generated more than one billion ($1B) in revenue from utilizing his advisory, management, business development and integrated marketing services. These clients have included Mel Gibson’s The Passion of The Christ, Walden Media’s C.S. Lewis Film, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe, Gospel Music Channel, Viacom, Injoy and Ever Increasing Faith Ministries. A serial entrepreneur and innovator, Sampson co-founded Multicast Media Networks (Streamingfaith.com) in 2000 (sold in 2010), Intellect in 2002, Legacy Opportunity Funds in 2007 and Every Child USA in 2010. Currently, Sampson is expanding Legacy Opportunity Investments to a US based investment company designed to provide retail and unaccredited investors with access to investment vehicles traditionally reserved for accredited and wealthy investors. Sampson is an owner and key partner in EFactor.com, the fastest growing online and onEarth social networking utility for entrepreneurs and investors worldwide. To date, nearly one millions entrepreneurs from 180 plus nations have joined EFactor. Sampson also serves as a Board Member of OHM Business Development, The Orange Duffel Bag Foundation and Mobile Currency Uganda. Sampson has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Tulane University and a Masters in Business Administration from Keller Graduate School of Management. He also studied in the Doctorate of Medicine Program at the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine from 1995-1999. In 1998, Sampson received an honorary Doctorate of Ministry from the I.G.F Theological Seminary. Sampson is the author of Your Manifest Destiny: 7.5 Words to Transform Your Future, Yes We Will: 15 Audio Meditations to Transform Your Future, Yes We Will: Solutions for Realizing Your Personal Power, and blacks and their Trillions: Introducing Symbiotic Economics. His next release, entitled Kingonomics: Insights From Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. To Transform Your Business & Your Life is scheduled for an April 2011 release on Ben Bella Books. A believer in the power of collaboration, Sampson recently partnered with two music producers, The Real Mitus (Soulja Boy) and Don Destin (Drake, Young Money) to create a merge of inspirational teaching and pop music entitled Any Day Now: Genesis of Divine Manifestation. A strong believer in global reinvestment, Sampson has been a friend of Africa. He has worked closely with The Republic of Namibia, The Republic of Gabon and The Republic of Uganda in the areas of leadership development, business development, strategy, public affairs, trade and investment. For his contributions to humanity, Sampson was awarded The Phoenix Award – the City of Atlanta’s highest honor – by Mayor Shirley Franklin in 2004. Bishop Sampson and his wife, Lady Sampson, and their five children reside in their native home, Atlanta, GA. His wife is his partner in ministry, business and definitive purpose View Guest page

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Debra Simpson

Debra Simpson a native to Chicago, Illinois who has achieved a level of success few would have expected: A multifaceted wife, mother, friend and career executive. Debra is the President/CEO of Vision in Mind Productions, a full service Multi-Media Company. Debra is also a consultant to a Fortune 500 Company where she provides leadership to major change and improvement efforts across North American operations. An Author, Inspirational Speaker, & Image Consultant. Debra is a Member of Toast Masters International; she uses her expertise and her passion to invest in the lives of others. Debra sits on the Executive Board of DOVE Ministries (Daughters of Virtue & Excellence) and serves as spiritual advisor and mentor. Debra’s book, No Boundaries! Provides relevant Godly solutions for life’s complex problems. Debra displays the gentle nature of a lamb but the strength of a lion. “No Boundaries!” offers practical strategies for creating a positive attitude that will improve your life. Words which best describe Debra are passionate and inspiring. Debra is highly regarded for getting things done and has led other people to becoming all that they can be. Her commitment teaches you how to make a lasting difference and how to be effective in today’s changing world. Debra is no stranger to risk, change and adversity. Debra has received recognition as a dynamic business leader and role model. Utilizing both personal and professional experiences, Debra has developed programs that will help others make marked improvements in their lives. Not the least of Debra’s accomplishments is the love and care she gives to her husband and children. Debra’s vivacious personality makes her a popular speaker to women’s organizations, church groups, and corporate events. View Guest page

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