GMOs Explained

December 12, 2014
Hosted by Lucy Hewitt, BA, NTP, Madeline Hewitt , and Jeanne Schmit

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Over 30% of Americans are obese. Diabetes and auto-immune disease is climbing astronomically, heart disease and cancer are still top killers, and those numbers continue to rise. Doctors and the media tell us to eat low fat, count calories, avoid red meat, and exercise a lot, but you still have cravings, your weight is going up, and energy going down.

We’re here to tell you it’s not your fault. We believe the body has a tremendous ability to heal itself and stay healthy, and that “disease” is simply physiology gone wrong. We’ll separate the fact from fiction by looking at proper physiology: how your body is supposed to work. We’ll discuss how proper digestion, balanced blood sugar, detoxification, and adequate rest and movement play a role in the well-being of your mind, body, and spirit. We’ll provide practical steps for you to take in supporting how your body is supposed to work so you can achieve weight loss, more energy, better moods and vibrant health.

Lucy Hewitt, BA, NTP, Madeline Hewitt , and Jeanne Schmit

Lucy discovered her passion for nutrition and healthy living through her own experiences with food, exercise and spiritual practice. As a Nutritional Therapist at BodyBalance Nutrition, Lucy uses a foundational and scientific approach that addresses the balance of a person's body. She is also a proponent of nourishing the mind, body and spirit with food and the eating experience. Lucy received her BA in Biology from College of St. Catherine, Nutritional Therapist Practitioner certification through the Nutritional Therapy Association, and Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2 certification through the CHEK Institute. Lucy offers consultations in person, over the phone, and through Skype. Lucy’s goal is to help others learn to make consistently wise choices regarding nutrition and overall well-being.

Madeline Hewitt has a huge passion for health and wellness as she's worked with her own health challenges. She teaches a variety of Pilates, fitness, and aerial classes at Time Out Studio, one of the youngest ever to go through training. She is the creator of the fabulous sugar, gluten, and dairy free recipes in BodyBalance Nutrition, and she has recently begun training as an Integrative Breathwork facilitator. She looks forward to the day the Studio can offer weekend healing and healthy lifestyle retreats, or even trips to far away places. She is on the show to share her expertise in delicious, health-promoting foods. She is so excited to share her story and be a part of BodyBalance Talk!

Jeanne Schmit, Pharm. D is the owner of BodyBalance Nutrition and Time Out Studio. She received her doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of California, San Francisco. She worked in the field for 14 years in the areas of academics, research and managed care before changing her career to fitness in 1999. Her experience in the medical field has proven invaluable when melding Western medicine with holistic practices. Jeanne's mission is to help people find health and happiness through exercise, diet, and life choices. She believes considering the mind, body and spirit in all daily activities brings the body toward health and wholeness. Her hope is to help many people return to health (or achieve for the first time) through healthy eating and lifestyle choices. It's not only a matter of losing weight; it's about feeling so good and energetic you are able to do all the things you want to do in your life.

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