Sara Mare talks with Mary Shores about 'Conscious Communication'

March 30, 2017
Hosted by Sara Mare

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Have you ever said to yourself "Oh I'm such a mess?" or "I will never be a success?" Psychoanalyst Sara Mare talks with Mary Shores, innovative creator of the "Conscious Communication" system. Mary Shores describes how her life as a single mother, divorcee, and CEO has helped her gain helpful tools to teach you how to overcome adversity, break down barrier beliefs, set attainable goals, and take action toward creating a life in alignment with your desires. Sara Mare's guided meditation concludes this episode, designed to shift your negative self talk to positive thought.

Talk with Sara Mare. . .

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Talk with Sara Mare is about Romance, Aspirations, Meditation and Psychology.

"Your life is the inspiration."

Talk with Sara Mare is a unique hour dedicated to real people discovering their personal stories, creativity and current events through a psychoanalytic perspective. Enjoy wide ranging conversations about romance, aspirations and how psychology and meditation can enrich life with (psychoanalyst) Sara Mare who shares her reactions, insights and suggestions.

You bring your life. Sara Mare brings the psychology.

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Sara Mare

Ms. Sara Mare is a New York City based psychotherapist, writer and host of Talk with Sara Mare. Sara Mare is a group counselor at Riker's Correctional Facility for Women and a psychoanalyst at The Referral Service Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies. When she's not talking with people, Sara Mare is talking with Siri, and is also a Top 40 vocalist and songwriter, Top 5 in the Nation NPC Figure Athlete, student of meditation, fiction writer and dramatic actress. Sara Mare draws from all of her varying life experiences and studies to host Talk with Sara Mare.

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March 2017

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  • 3/23/2017: 'My Mother, My Daughter, My Self, Sara Mare with Dr. Jane G. Goldberg, Psychoanalyst, Wellness Expert, and Memoirist Listen Now
  • 3/16/2017: Unplugged: Richard Stanley, A Successful Hollywood Director Takes to The Land and Spirit Listen Now
  • 3/9/2017: Sara Mare talks with Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer aka The Psychic Explorer Listen Now
  • 3/2/2017: National Figure Competitor, Mother of 3, Wife, Full Time Fitness Trainer- How Does She Do It? Listen Now

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Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer®
Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® (aka The Psychic Explorer™) is the author of the award winning, critically acclaimed best-sellers Never Letting Go and Evidence of Eternity. He is a world-renowned fourth generation psychic medium who communicates with spirits. Mark is an Oxford educated attorney licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C. and before the United States Supreme Court. Mark is featured regularly on TV, Radio and print media as a legal analyst, psychic medium and paranormal expert. Mark is a headline speaker at conventions, expos and spiritual organizations such as the Edgar Cayce A.R.E., IANDS (International Association of Near Death Studies), the Sedona Spirit Symposium and universities including Brown, Columbia, Harvard and Yale. View Guest page

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Darrell A. Cador

Darrell A. Cador began his writing career in 2006 as a self-published author, with his first release When Seasons Change followed by a novel titled A Good Woman Is Hard To Find, 2007. In 2010 Darrell published his first anthology project And This Too Shall Pass, a collection of three superbly crafted novellas that speak of the pain often accompanied by love. The third of these three novellas, Hands Made To Hold became inspiration for his stage play. Darrell is a member of American Association of Community Theaters and Urban Playwrights United. Hands Made To Hold was accepted into the 2013 Atlanta Black Theatre Festival, and marks the writing, producing and directorial debut of Darrell A. Cador. Currently Darrell is in final preparations on A Black Woman's Worth as well as the soul-stirring stage production Trouble Don't Last Always. View Guest page

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Anonymous Live Caller

Dr. Jane G. Goldberg

Jane G. Goldberg, Ph.D. has been a practicing psychoanalyst for over 45 years, and is one of the nation's leading authorities in the fields of psychological oncology and mind/body health. She is the founder of three holistic spas and wellness centers, including New York City's first, since 1993, La Casa Spa & Wellness Center. She is a prolific writer in the fields of psychoanalysis and holistic health, having published numerous scholarly articles and authored eight published books, including her latest, My Mother, My Daughter, My Self. Dr. Goldberg is a frequent speaker at conventions and conferences nationwide, both professional and lay. In addition, she is often called as a guest on television and radio. Dr. Goldberg is a mother, as well as an avid runner, yoga practitioner, swimmer and holds a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. View Guest page

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Dan Harlen

Dan Harlen began playing bass guitar the age of 15, a few months later he began meditating. Almost 27 years later Dan is still dedicated to exploring music and meditation and has cultivated much he can share with others. Dan Harlen has played live and recorded with over 14 bands. His first solo album recorded under the name Esoteric Sound Formula titled “Adventures in Imagination,” is mostly orchestral with a few pieces featuring the bass. The album was released in 2014 and received national airplay on Australia’s ABC classic FM. Dan Harlen writes and plays music as his form of revering and communing with nature and all of the beautiful things in life. In addition to recording with a few jazz and funk fusion bands, and teaching students in Australia, Dan Harlen is currently recording his second solo album which will feature the 6 string bass over beautiful instrumentation written to inspire the sensitive and peaceful aspects of expression. View Guest page

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Damien Lay

Damien Lay is a multi-award winning filmmaker working as writer, director and producer in Feature Film, Documentary and Animation. Lay is known for taking on extreme, innovative film projects often deemed impossible by others, in search of compelling stories. His Vietnam War story, The Battle of Long Tan, featuring Sam Worthington, remains the highest rated program on paid television in Australia. He's Coming South and M24 - The Last Sunrise resulted in the discovery of the lost WWII Japanese Midget Submarine, solving one of Australia's greatest Maritime mysteries. Damien Lay is the only foreigner globally permitted to operate in highly restricted areas of Myanmar (Burma), documenting and leading search and recovery operations for Lady Southern Cross, the world’s greatest aviation mystery, and Bell of King Dhammazedi, a religion, missing for over 400 years. Damien Lay's latest films are feature WWI Action Adventure film, Game of Aces, and biography of an erotic graphic novelist, Semi Colin. View Guest page

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Keith Mackler

Keith Mackler is a NYC comedic actor, writer and musician. Funny man Mackler has built Ikea furniture "high" for cult slam "Hikea," spurred a media frenzy in "Elevator Murder Experiment," transformed to a slashed up hacker on "Elementary," became super glum hipster for "Girls," and even hopped up to lip-sync Janet Jackson for "Glee." The frontman of synthpop/queercore band Judas Booth. Keith Mackler moonlights as an op-ed featured columnist for The Onion. View Guest page

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Ms. Miranda Shafer

Miranda Shafer is a freelance producer with focus in multimedia production and podcasting since 2008. Miranda Shafer is currently producing the podcast “How Do We Fix It?” View Guest page

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Mary Shores

Mary Shores is the owner and founder of Midstate Collection Solutions, Inc., one of the most unique collection agencies in the country. Recognized as a leader of innovative thought, she has spent over a decade teaching businesses and individuals how to inspire others, create new ways of thinking, identify their goals, and take action to create meaningful results. She is the revolutionary founder of the groundbreaking Conscious Communications system. Mary travels across the nation giving lectures and teaching courses, and has been featured on local and national radio and television shows, podcasts, and blogs. To learn more, visit View Guest page

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Richard Stanley - director

Filmmaker/anthropologist Richard Stanley was born in South Africa 1960's to documentarian, Penny Miller. Stanley's directorial debut, apocalyptic sci-fi horror 'HARDWARE,' (1990) is widely considered cult classic, a prescient portrayal of mechanization, population control, climate change, and a global drift to the right. Stanley's second, supernatural road movie romance 'DUST DEVIL' (1992) led to 'THE ISLAND OF DOCTOR MOREAU' (1995) starring Marlon Brando&Val Kilmer. Moreau ended in a public debacle, and famously led Stanley to oust his own dream project, retreat from commercial film making, and focus on documentary work: Haitian ('THE WHITE DARKNESS' 2002) Nazi occult ('THE SECRET GLORY' 2001) French witchcraft/mass hysteria ('THE OTHERWORLD' 2012). Stanley is currently preparing a feature adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's 'THE COLOR OUT OF SPACE' for Elijah Wood's Specter Vision- a project he hopes will be his first American feature. View Guest page

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Diane Vachier

Diane Vachier was named by Professional Photography Association of America as one of the Most Respected Women in Photography, published globally in national magazines. She has gone on to becoming sole representative and owner for the late Steve Kaufman American Pop Artist's legacy, whose work is exhibited alongside Andy Warhol in European galleries. Ms. Vachier has a deep love for the fine arts and proudly dedicates her life to continuing to carry the torch for the emergence of new artists through representing Steve Kaufman's humanitarian and artistic pursuits. View Guest page

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Sara Willis- NPC Figure Athlete

Sara Willis was born and raised in eastern Kentucky. She is the mother of three children, ages 4, 8, and 16, and devoted wife to husband Zach, a college football coach In addition, Mrs. Willis runs her own business as a certified Fitness coach to many who want to learn from her, and is a National Physique Committee Figure Competitor, participating in 11 national and international competitions since 2010. Mrs. Willis loves going on dates with her husband, spending time with their children, and working out (obviously)! Inspiring! View Guest page

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Joshua Xavier : JX

Joshua Xavier, JX, is a twenty four year old Hip Hop/ Urban Artist from Westchester, NY. He wrote and recorded lyrics for "Groupie Love," released September 2016 on FBE/UNIVERSAL. His recent album is called No Sleep (The Red Tape) Released Dec 15th, 2016 and in Stores on-line everywhere ! A video will be released in 2017 through Worldstar. View Guest page

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