Everybody Works in the Finance Department

August 18, 2017
Hosted by Sergiu Simmel

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Sir Richard Branson once said: "No company can train its front-end people to handle every situation, but you can strive to create an environment in which they feel at ease ‘doing as they would be done by’.” Accountability, seamless flow of information and communication of objectives and results are the finance department’s contribution to creating this environment. Operationally speaking, everyone contributes and expects these attributes of their environment, especially in middle-market companies. I will reveal a few ways for middle-market companies to implement a participatory “operational” finance function to harness employees’ natural expectations of accountability, being informed, having clear objectives and knowing the results. Getting this right helps maintain everybody's pride and sense of ownership, thus strengthening the environment and culture of your firm.

Operationally Speaking

Operationally Speaking

Friday at 12 Noon Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Business Channel

Operationally Speaking is about the Art and Science of operating businesses like a well-oiled machine, so that their owners, CEOs and leaders turn their Vision into Reality with the least amount of effort, resources and pain. The show focuses on how to run entrepreneurial businesses. It touches all aspects, from creating alignment, to having the right people in the right seats. From how to keep the finger on the pulse through the right metrics to the art and science of solving issues. From how to make it scalable and predictable via process to how to establish the disciplines and accountability that turn a good business into a great one.

Operationally Speaking is for leaders of growth-oriented businesses with organizations up to 500 people or so, and for those who aspire to become so. It brings real “in the trenches” CEOs, as well as thought leaders in the field. It focuses on the practical and real, rather than on theory. It aims to INform and INspire.

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Sergiu Simmel

Sergiu Simmel

Sergiu Simmel is the Founder of GetBusinessMomentum where he provides senior business execution coaching and consulting services to small-to-midsized businesses worldwide. Sergiu’s practice specializes in helping business owners, CEOs and leaders get what they want out of their businesses by turning their organizations into well-oiled machines.

Throughout his career as an entrepreneur, founder of three companies, business executive and executive consultant, Sergiu’s strengths have focused on structure, process, leadership and management. Since re-forming his practice in 2000, Sergiu has successfully served over 75 clients worldwide, in a variety of industries. He is an inventor of two process patents, a professionally trained implementer of the Entrepreneurial Operating System(tm), a certified Kolbe(tm) Specialist, and a certified Predictive Index(tm) Ambassador. Sergiu holds a Master’s Degree from University of Minnesota, and is a graduate of several leadership and management programs.

His passion, talent and mission is to help entrepreneurial leaders turn good businesses into great ones, through impeccable execution that simplifies their lives and yields greater profits and professional happiness. The son of a radio anchorwoman, Sergiu grew up with a love for radio and for the power of the spoken word to INform and INspire.

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Rene' Boer

Rene' Boer has 30 years’ business experience with well-known restaurant brands such as Pizza Hut, Arby’s and Jamba Juice. As a Certified Implementer of EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, he has worked with hundreds of leaders and managers, aligning them around a shared Vision, helping them gain Traction while improving team Health. He's a firm believer that great bosses don't create more followers, they create more great bosses. He’s the co-author, with Gino Wickman, of “How to Be a Great Boss” published by BenBella Books in 2016. View Guest page

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Amy Bruske

Amy Bruske is a Principal and President of Kolbe Corp. Specializing in HR consulting and leadership development, she is one of the company's three Senior Master Consultants. Amy is also in demand for executive coaching and team building for a wide range of businesses worldwide. She is also Chairman of the Board of The Center for Conative Abilities which focuses on research for health and education initiatives. Amy was named the Small Business Owner of the year by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) in 2012. She is a member of the Women Presidents’ Organization, the International Women’s Forum, and the Strategic Coach Program. Amy has mentored countless business leaders. She is currently focused on formal mentorship programs for women business owners and is a community panel member for the Young Entrepreneurs’ Academy. Before coming to Kolbe, Amy was a senior leader at Jenny Craig Inc., where she coached and trained franchise owners. View Guest page

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Brett Hickey

Brett Hickey is the Founder & CEO of Star Mountain Capital, a specialized investment firm bringing large market capabilities and resources to established small and medium-sized private businesses. Star Mountain provides its portfolio companies (generally cash flow positive businesses with $10 million to $150 million of annual revenues) with strategic capital, human resources and relationships to grow and achieve their business objectives.
Mr. Hickey has been investing in private U.S. small and medium-sized businesses since 2004. Prior to being a principal investor, he was an Investment Banker at Salomon Smith Barney / Citigroup where he covered asset managers and financial institutions. Mr. Hickey is as an active member of thought leadership organizations, such as Board of Governors for the Small Business Investor Alliance (SBIA), Networks for the NYC Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), Board of Harvard University Entrepreneurs Alumni Association of NY, and others. View Guest page

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Michelle Kozin

Michelle has been using data & analytics to optimize business productivity for 20 years. She is an expert in data-driven hiring processes, leadership development, team/manager dynamics, marketing integration, sales engine excellence, and organizational change. Michelle was an executive for The Predictive Index where she led both the learning and enablement programs for a global network of 400 consultants and the marketing content/communications strategy. Previously, Michelle had applied Predictive Index data to help companies scale by harnessing top performance.
Michelle’s has led sales operations & marketing for venture backed SaaS technology companies. As a change management consultant for Accenture, she minimized the gaps between her clients’ strategic intent and go-to-market capabilities. Michelle earned a dual bachelor’s degree at Syracuse University where she was a Remembrance Scholar. She received her MBA from Babson College. View Guest page

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Philippe Liautaud

Philippe Liautaud is a founding partner of LCube Advisors, a finance and IT consulting firm. He assists middle market companies in maximizing the impact of their finance and IT functions on their operations and culture. Philippe has over 25 years of experience in finance advising companies in information, health care and business services on profitability enhancement, process improvements and back office automation. He is a firm believer that a significant proportion of what the finance function does is by-product of the activities of an organization and that capitalizing on this by having a participatory approach enhances accountability, operational execution and team cohesion. View Guest page

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Paul Marston

Paul Marston grew up in the Seacoast of New Hampshire. His education travels took him through Phillips Andover, to Tulane University, and then graduating from the University of New Hampshire with a BA in Political Science. Paul worked for the family’s businesses as he made his way though UNH, whether selling automobiles for a startup dealership, or running their long standing family restaurant. Soon after graduating in ’92, Paul found himself in the family Haz-Mat transportation business.
Paul became CEO of P.S. Marston Associates in 2001. He’s been blessed to be a part of this second generation family business through periods of great growth, as well as many challenges over the last 20 years. He has over two decade’s hands on and investment experience in the hospitality industry as well.
Paul is an active participant with New Hampshire Motor Truck, C12, National Tank Truck Carriers, and Seacoast Family Promise. He is also a member of Bethany Church of Greenland, New Hampshire. View Guest page

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Dean Meyer

Dean Meyer is one of the original proponents of running shared-services organizations within companies as businesses within a business, where every managerial group is an entrepreneurship funded to produce products and services for customers. For over three decades, he has implemented this vision in corporate, government, and non-profit organizations through the careful design of culture, organizational structure, and resource-governance processes. Dean is the author of seven books, including Internal Market Economics. His latest, Principle-based Organizational Structure, is a handbook to help you engineer entrepreneurial thinking and teamwork into organizations of any size. He's a former CIO Magazine columnist, and has published countless monographs and articles. He invented FullCost, a business and budget planning process based on an internal product/service costing solution. Dean also developed an approach to corporate culture that leads to meaningful change in less than a year. View Guest page

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Larry O'Toole

A native of Ireland and 1973 engineering graduate of Northeastern University, O’Toole was a rising executive when he quit his job to “escape corporate slavery.” On a quest for start-up cash for a business of his own, the 6 foot 6 inch O’Toole – the original Gentle Giant – was urged by his friends to add moving to his list of odd jobs. In 1980, O’Toole founded Gentle Giant with a friend’s borrowed truck and a $17 investment: a one-time ad. Gentle Giant Moving Co has thrived in the 30 years since then, winning dozens of awards for quality of service and its workplace practices and employing hundreds of workers who are proud to be called “Giants.”
O’Toole’s leadership has earned him recognition by The U.S. Small Business Administration as its 2004 Massachusetts Small Business Person of the Year and other accolades and recognition by business and civic organizations. He is competitive, disciplined, and persistent, priding himself on solving challenging situations with enthusiasm. View Guest page

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Dr. Marc Silverman

Dr. Marc Silverman is a specialist in family business and wealth transfer. He has consulted to family businesses through fifth generations and from 3 to over 100 shareholders. He specializes in working with complex family systems, and in integrating the needs of different generations into clear succession and governance structures and legacy preservation. Marc has conducted hundreds of workshops & seminars in 14+ countries. He has authored tens of articles on Succession Planning, Family Business, Communication, Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution.
Dr. Silverman is considered a pioneer in the field of Family Business in Latin America. He won the Richard Beckhard award for outstanding contribution to Organization Development . He was granted Fellow status by the Family Firm Institute. He is a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Family Business at Florida International University. He has served as President of the International Organization Development Association. View Guest page

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Timothy Thomas

Tim Thomas began his work in leadership consulting in 2003 as a natural outgrowth of his educational background & his life-long commitment to helping others succeed. He has helped to transform organizations as a leadership trainer, executive coach, and change management expert. Tim has extensive expertise in training design and delivery, executive coaching, performance consulting, team development and 360-degree appraisals. He also brings a complete understanding of corporate culture, business processes and keen financial acumen. Time had served as Vice President at two international banking institutions Tim is a 1987 Magna Cum Laude from the University of Akron and holds two Masters Degrees. He is the author of three books, HeadTrash: Cleaning out the Junk that Stand Between You and Success (2013), Leading on Purpose: Sage Advice and Practical Tools for Becoming the Complete Leader (2014), and HeadTrash 2: Dealing with and Overcoming Other People’s Junk (2016). View Guest page

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Rip Tilden

Rip Tilden joined Makarios Consulting as a partner in 2009, bringing with him more than 35 years of leadership experience as a senior executive of public and private companies. He is highly regarded as an effective team builder and leader with a proven ability to lead change, grow organizations & deliver strong results. Rip is an experienced executive coach who has helped leaders across a wide range of industries -- including the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, defense electronics, and professional services industries -- improve their leadership effectiveness. He is a certified EOS Implementer, working with a wide range of private & public companies and non-profit organizations to help them clarify their vision, gain traction in implementing that vision by driving successful execution of their growth plans, and build healthy and effective leadership teams to sustain strong performance. He is also a project faculty member at The Wharton School at UPenn. View Guest page

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Bill Wagner

For over 20 years, Bill Wagner has been at the forefront of leadership and entrepreneurial practice as a business owner, consultant, speaker and author. His career began in corporate sales and leadership with companies like PepsiCo and Xerox, which ultimately led to the start up of Accord Management Systems.
In business almost 20 years, ACCORD MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS, INC. is a behavioral management consultancy that helps clients get the people side of their business right. Also, Bill speaks annually to thousands of entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives and managers. Widely published and critically-acclaimed, Bill is the author of The Entrepreneur Next Door, and the soon-to-be-published business book, Mastering the Gap. Above all, his passion is helping executives address the gap that exists between the dream and the execution. View Guest page

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