Encore: Unleashing the Feminine Energy to Shaping Our Tomorrows

October 1, 2018
Hosted by Dr. Kas Henry, PhD, CTP, Six Sigma Black Belt

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The true wealth of a society is not measured in currency or material assets, but in how the women of that society are treated. Be it education, healthcare, career choices, or life choices, when women are not free to make their own choices, the underlying society is not free and it is not truly capable of realizing its collective potential. Supporting women, empowering women and celebrating women is not solely dependent on the men in a society. Good and strong men already do this because they know that they need a strong woman by their side to face their own challenges. Alongside these good men, we women should stand shoulder-to-shoulder and pull each other up. We can never forget that we hold our destinies in the palm of our own hands. This week, my guest will be Traci Campbell, the Founder of BIBO, an organization focused on recognizing empowered women, celebrating their positive social impact and laying the foundation for a collaborative effort to magnify the goodness.

Unleash Your Inner Goldilocks: How to Get It Just Right

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Our show is about understanding that each person’s passion, life experiences and journey towards realizing their economic prosperity are unique. That unique journey cannot be made without self-empowerment and fellow travelers to enable success. The show explores how every human interaction has the potential for transforming all those who are engaged, seek to empower audiences by helping them find the path towards their pinnacle, and share experiences of others to help draw insight to help audiences shape their own path. While the individual journey is unique, none of us realize our vision of prosperity alone. The importance of a shared journey, need to understand self-interest holistically, sharing the burden, reaching the top by pulling others up, and seeing the collective strength because of our diversity are a part of the show’s dialogue. Keeping the soul at peace and embracing happiness, to see what is just right, is critical to unleash your inner power.

Dr. Kas Henry, PhD, CTP, Six Sigma Black Belt

Dr. Kas has made a mark in the unique space of value-centric leadership for sustained economic prosperity where personal empowerment is linked to economic empowerment. She is a sought after speaker and a practitioner businesses seek to manage through changes such as re-structuring, rooting out corruption or M and A integration. Her communication skills and ability to tell stories with an understanding of cultural nuances in a global community is experientially unique. She has mastered the art of dialogue with audiences, injecting humor to make difficult conversations possible. At a time when profits and ethics are looked as mutually exclusive, she focuses on busting the myth of false dichotomies that boot strap us and divide us.

Among some of Dr. Kas’s accomplishments and missions, she is dedicated to empowering others to build our shared prosperity. She developed the Ethical Leadership Character Trait Model (c) to connect personal value-centric empowerment to economic empowerment. Her professional experience in public and private sector include roles such as CFO and Sr. Vice-President of FP and A and VP of Continuous Improvement. She was on a university Faculty for 18 years teaching US Military, Public Safety and MBA Programs. She was named Finance Executive of the Year for Mid-America, 2006, was awarded the National Lybrand Award for “Financial Agents of Change” manuscript and is a Motivational/Keynote Speaker, and winner of 2015 Mentorship Award.

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